Tax Analysts Reports That Conformity Bill Has Been Signed Into Law

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Not there was much question about the issue, but State Tax Notes (“Arizona Enacts Remote Seller, IRC Conformity Law,” State Tax Notes, June 4, 2019) reported this morning that Governor Ducey signed the income tax conformity/nexus tax bill (HB 2757) into law. The law, now designated as Chapter 273, Session Laws, 54th Legislature, First Regular Session, will go into effect absent the highly unlikely situation that a referendum petition is taken out and is successful regarding this law.

Arizona Legislature Passes IRC Conformity Bill, Awaits Governor’s Signature

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Although it took much longer than normal, and there was much uncertainty about what the Legislature would ultimately do in the end, the Legislature managed to pass an IRC conformity bill as part of the budget process.

HB 2757 scraped through both chambers with the bare minimum number of votes to clear each chamber.  It is expected that the Governor will sign this bill.[1]

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