A Computer Inventory

Decided it was time to inventory the PCs around me–and noticed we’ve accumulated a number of Macs these days.

My office actually has more Macs than anything else, which is a bit unusual for a CPA firm. We run Windows in virtual machines on them, but it allows us to use OSX for browsing and the like, while using Windows for the tax applications.

My partners and our full time staff have iMacs. I have a MacBook Pro and we have a MacBook that we use as a road machine. In addition we have some more “traditional” CPA firm computers–we have three Dells desktops around for various purposes.

At home and on the road I most often have the MacBook Pro with me. In addition we have a bit of a collection–one iMac, two Mac Minis (one Intel based and one PowerPC), an aluminum MacBook and two iBooks. As well, I have the Asus eeePC netbook running Linux.

The mix of computers means I run a bunch of operating systems, bouncing constantly between OSX (Leopard and Tiger), Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and, on the eeePC, Xandros Linux. Each one has things it excels at, and items for which it is less than optimal.

The one real constant across the OSs I run is Firefox–it is my browser of choice in each of them.

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